Here you find events dedicated to meeting Avikal (founder of the IBI) and other Integral Being Institute teachers and facilitators as well as one-day courses that address issues that are fundamental to the spiritual path. 

It is an informal space where you can meet Avikal, mystic and inspirator of the Institute. In this format there is a theme that concerns everyday life for most human beings and,  after a short introduction, you can ask questions and receive immediate answers. Other times there is just an open space where we expereince the unfolding of the Truth as it happens moment to moment trough your questions. Also meditations and inquiry. Dance and exercises.


Meetings with Avikal Costantino, mystic and founder of the Integral Being Institute.

These meetings are usually happening twice a year, in Spring and Autumn when Avikal is in Europe, in Cascina Cavalta in Asola (MN). This is an open space for anyone who wants to know about the teachings and activities of the Integral Being Institute, as well as meet Avikal and other facilitators. There will be a short introduction on a specific theme as announced each time on the web site, a space for question and answers, perhaps some exercise and inquiry related to the theme…some music and meditation.


What’s the place in our life of love and truth? How do I experience them in my heart, in my guts, in my mind? What are the illusions, prejudices and concepts that prevent me to know love and truth as embodied presence, original and unique manifestation of who I really am, rather than the imprinted models of society, family, religion?
Our hearts feel truth and feel love, no matter how much we have been hurt, betrayed, how much we hide to be able survive and defend, to belong and avoid loneliness. Our bellies recognize love and long for truth, in our actions, in our behaviors, in our deep desire for authenticity, spontaneity, integrity. Our minds too, in the luminosity of our intelligence, recognize the need for the simple clarity of truth guided by the warmth, kindness and passion of love.

Two days of exploration, together, to see and feel where you are now with all this and strengthen your connection with truth and love; to live without fear but rather with curiosity and involvement the powerful wave of this moment.

This course is free; you only pay for food and accommodation.

Contact Prada
cell. +39 346 8439827


The Hara Center (Tanden) is situated four to five centimeters below the navel, inside the body, and it is referred to as the Source of Life in the ancient traditions of China and Japan.
Hara is also the center of Being, the place where we can experience ourselves in our true identity, in inner silence and peace and where we can find physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.
As we become aware of the Hara point and we start living from it, looking from it, experiencing ourselves and the world from it, we will connect with the source of strength and silence within.
In this retreat we will reclaim our deepest center through specific ancient, and for long secret breathing techniques called Hara Breathing or Pre natal breathing, as well as specific meditations and exercises of centering and grounding. We will also explore the potential of the Hara Center through focused inquiry.

“The more you are aware of the Hara, the less you will become afraid of life and death —because that is the center of life and death. Once you become attuned to the Hara center, you can live courageously. Courage arises out of it: less thinking, more silence, less uncontrolled moments, natural discipline, courage and rootedness, a groundedness.” Osho

No previous experience is needed


We look in new and deeper ways into the basic steps of liberation from the judge and the effects these steps have on ourselves and the people around us.
We face the issue of authority and our relation to it, both the external and the internal one; we inquire into the issue of loyalty to different authorities: family, religion, nation, teachers, ideals etc. and the results that this loyalty produces in daily life.
We explore how our reactivity binds us to an infantile dimension capable only to experience authority as external. We recognize our capacity and natural intelligence in discriminating between the true authority and the false, egoic and narcissistic one.
And, most of all, we begin to recognize and honor our Natural Authority as we explore its symptoms, facets and ways to support it.


Here you can find more than a hundred videos on many subjects covered in courses and training: love, intimacy, enlightenment, personality, addictions, soul, support, vulnerability, inner judge, liberation ...




Meeting in truth - The Pillars of the Spiritual Search, Awakening and Conscious Evolution

27/10/2018 - 28/10/2018

Begins at 11am of the 27th and ends at 2pm of the 28th

Cascina Cavalta, Asola (MN)

+39 3468439827


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