Here you find a river of great beauty and articulation. It will take you to the understanding and experience of True Nature and the richness of its manifestation, its relation to personality and the non-conceptual dimensions (Absolute).

The Essence Basic Training is focused on the five most relevant manifestations of Essence called Lataif in the Sufi tradition.
They are: Will (white Essence), Strength (Red Essence), Compassion/Loving Kindness (Green Essence), Peace/Power (Black Essence) and Joy/Curiosity (Yellow Essence).
Lataif represent five impersonal attributes of Being that are universally present.

The Advanced Training includes:

The Authentic Self: where you remember and recognise your true identity; who am I really behind the mask of the personality and egoic identity.
The Absolute: beyond separation, prior unity, before form and manifestation, the pure non conceptual domain.
Diamond Guidance: the vehicle of direct knowing. Guidance reclaims its natural place usurped by the inner judge and starts guiding our life without doubt, oppression, judgment and prejudice.
The Pearl: the unique and original taste of individuality. The way in which Essence and its qualities manifest in and through you.
The Citadel: vehicle of impeccability. The skillful means that help you align your life to the Truth and your love for the Truth. Direction on the path and the capacity to practice the Way.
The Chandelier:  the vehicle of manifestation, spiritual and material abundance. Embodying and expressing the uniqueness of who you are.


This is a river of great beauty and depth. It will take you to the understanding and experience of True Nature and the richness of its manifestation, its relation to personality and to the Absolute non-conceptual dimension.


The Dimensions of Being Training includes two parts: The Essence Basic Training and The Essence Advanced Training.

Essence Basic Training
A five module course plus four single days between modules for a total of 30 days and 300 hours.
The course is focused on the five most relevant attributes of our Essence called (in the Sufi tradition) The Lataif. The Lataif represent universal qualities of Being as they manifest in unique ways in every living creature.

The Lataif are:

The White Essence: the Essence of Will, Relaxed Confidence and Clear Intention. Gives us the support that we need to stay on the path to finding ourselves and have a clear intention. It has to do with a feeling of inner solidity, inner support and a sense of value. It is the relaxed confidence that comes when we are in contact with our Being. It is grounded, resourceful and committed.  Provides the basic ground to experiencing the truth and stay steadfast and present in the journey of discovery.

The Red Essence: the Essence of Strength and Courage. The capacity to connect and use your personal resources as well as moving through the obstacles on the path. The key to fulfilling relationships and sexuality. The Red Essence has to do with our capacity to be an individual; it brings the strength to separate from old structures that no longer serve our evolution and uniqueness. It is passionate vitality, enthusiasm and the strength to go into the world with all its challenges. It offers the fundamental certainty and protection: I can!

The Green Essence: the Essence of Compassion and Loving Kindness. As we learn to love ourselves we discover the depth of humanness in its vulnerability and glory. This Latifa gives us a profound understanding and compassion for our ego structure. It is the compassion and understanding which allows us to go deeply into our wounds and heal them. It gives us the capacity to do the same with others. We honour and celebrate the mystery of being human.

The Black Essence: the Essence of Peace, Silence and Personal Power. Through this quality we enter the Absolute dimensions of Being and we come to know ourselves beyond body, mind and emotions, as immense and unlimited. This Latifa is about our Love of the Truth and longing for Peace. It is a very deep dimension of looking in and realising a state of inner mastery. Here we face our concepts and fears about death and confront the main layers of ego defence.

The Yellow Essence: the Essence of Joy, Curiosity, Playfulness and Devotion. Letting go of suffering and the search we celebrate life unfolding richness and abundance. The yellow Essence more that any other helps us to integrate the Love for the Truth in day-to-day life. This subtle dimension of our Being is like an inner sun shining in our heart that brings healing and lightness. It is a place where our old negative self-images and seriousness are dropped and our light-hearted innocence is regained.

Other components of the course are:
Foundational understanding of the activity of the Superego (Inner Judge): its origin, its functions, its relation to Ego identity and self-image, its modalities of attack and manipulation as well as different ways to defend ourselves from those attacks.

The map of the personality know as “The Enneagram”. We will explore the different ennea-types, called fixations, their basic patterns of behaviour and their relation with different qualities and potentiality of Being.

The “Theory of Holes”. This theory says we are born as Beings of Essence, but through lack of recognition, trauma and devaluation in our formative years we lose contact with our Essential nature.  This disconnection is experienced as a sense of deficiency or lack, (“holes”), and becomes the core of the personality structure. When relaxation and understanding happen and the uncomfortable feeling of deficiency is tolerated with compassion and presence, Essence is contacted and the missing quality arises from our Being.  The foundations of this work are presence, openness and understanding: an honest exploration of our structure and the capacity to be with “what is” through meditation and self-inquiry.



Essence Advanced Training
A five module course for a total of twenty days and 200 hours.  There are also four days between modules where participation is voluntary and that will add another 40 hours.
Completion of the Essence Basic Training is a prerequisite to participate to the advanced except for the module Diamond Guidance which is open also to anyone who has participated to Freedom To Be Yourself: Mastering the Inner Judge.

In the Advanced we will experience and reconnect  with specific resources of Being, true potentials of our spirit. They give us clearer perception, deeper understanding, much stronger capacity to function efficiently and in alignment with our deepest longing and desires as well as a more conscious and loving attitude towards ourselves and the others.

The advanced training includes the following modules:

The Diamond Guidance: gives us the capacity to experience reality directly, without the filters of conditioning and the past. Takes the place of the Inner Judge.
The Absolute: the non conceptual dimension. The unconditional place of completeness and belonging. The field from where everything springs. The source.
The Authentic Self: leaving behind the mask of the personality and coming to know your true identity unconditioned by survival, not limited by the personal story. Pure loving presence and light. The Soul.
The Pearl: the unique way Being manifests in you as you. The preciousness of your individuality as you manifest the Source through your specific expression and actualisation of consciousness and love.


Suggested reading:
A.H. Almaas – Essence
– The Unfolding Now

Avikal E. Costantino – Freedom to Be Yourself. Mastering the Innner Judge
– Without a Mask. Discovering your Authentic Self

Avikal has been teaching Essence since 1998.

For info and booking contact info@dimensionidellessere.net



The more we learn to bring attention and awareness to our daily functioning, the more we can experience ourselves grounded and centered, flowing with reality rather than in conflict with it. Instead of trying to impose our will to life we are filled with a sense of stability, harmony and alignment. We feel solid, absolutely present and protected, protected by the natural unfolding of Essential Nature in accordance to the need of the moment. This process of integration and support manifests through and is facilitated by an essential vehicle called the Citadel, a solid presence that upholds and defends Truth and supports the evolution of the Authentic Self.
The Citadel is a specific dimension of Essential Will that, defending and protecting concretely through actions and behavior our True Nature, makes it possible for us to realize little by little that we do not need anymore the egoic defenses; that we don’t need to defend the false personality and that we can let go of the mask we have been wearing most of our life. We also learn to appreciate discipline; not the one imposed upon us by society and dogmas, but rather one that springs from our love for the Truth and our Essential Nature. We become disciplined – disciples of Being – and we find specific and unique ways to live and practice Truth.
To activate this vehicle we explore all areas of our life and we inquiry if and how they reflect the Truth and our deepest understanding. This process brings clarity, integrity and self-respect.

Prerequisite the course: Mastering the Inner Judge


As we understand and uncover more and more how we have identified with a false sense of self conditioned by family and culture and how this identification is based on survival fear, two questions become fundamental: “Who am I?” and “What is the meaning of my life?”. This is the journey of discovery of the Authentic Self, which we call The Point of Light. The Point of Light is the unique manifestation of the Absolute, of God, of Primary Awareness, in each of us.
The Authentic Self is Being experienced as our true identity. It is the Universal Self embodied in me, you and everybody else. It is the deep memory of our divine nature shining within.
This light is obscured by the false identity that we call “I” and our identification with it in order to survive and feel special. This illusion of being special ends up hiding the reality of being unique.
The main issue of this part of the work with Essence is Narcissism: what it is, how it manifests, how it separates us from reality, how it blocks our evolution, how it keeps creating images and fictions that make us dependent from the approval of others and become barriers against discovering our original face.

Dimensions of Being and Mastering the Inner Judge


The Essential Vehicle of Manifestation. Expression of the Abundance, Richness and Diversity of reality. This vehicle enpowers us with the ability to manifest our individuality through the abundance flowering of our uniqueness. It is manifestation on all levels: material and spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. The center associated to the Chandelier is in the throat and it points also to the Logos: the creative word. We learn to express, articulate and communicate by putting in the universal field the information needed for a continuous and shared creativity. We recognise that we are co-creators of this reality, each moment.

The Chandelier implies clear intention, freedom and response/ability as well as an understanding of the karmic laws. It is a complex and exciting cocktail where we use the Essential Qualities (Lataif) to manifest and give shape to the world we live in while we allign with the Mystery in its eternal unfolding.

Prerequisite the course: Mastering the Inner Judge



In this course, we will introduce what is called the Diamond Guidance. This is the vehicle of objective consciousness, the guidance towards our true self. With a compassionate attitude towards ourselves and others, and with clear presence, the Diamond Guidance enables us to perceive what is true in every situation. We will explore how to awaken and strengthen Guidance in ourselves. This includes seeing through the specific obscurations in our minds that veil this jewel of consciousness, and thus the perception of our true identity.
The Diamond Guidance sees without preference. Accessing it allows us to experience the Absolute (the True Nature of reality) and gives us the courage to relate the clarity of the mountaintop to the living market place, bringing the individuated soul to the world. Living a conscious life brings lightness and joy to our soul.
This aspect of Being is obscured from the presence and continuos activity of the Superego (Inner Judge) and it’s judgements, habits, and prejudices.  Through self-inquiry we learn to disengage from this activity and remain present in the experience of the moment. Supported by the alignment of our attention, awareness and energy, the Diamond Guidance starts functioning, revealing “what is” in a direct, simple and impersonal way.
Diamond Guidance sheds its light on every aspect of life through understanding, revelation, and embodiment.

Prerequisite the course: Mastering the Inner Judge


This is the very intimate and precious experience of ME as the personal manifestation of Essential Nature. It is what Osho calls INDIVIDUALITY.
All the different qualities of Essence: value, power, will, strength, peace, loving kindness, joy etc. exist as impersonal, ever present universal qualities.
As we realize our true nature and align ourselves with Truth all the qualities begin to integrate in us and we develop and evolve as integrated human beings. The Truth becomes embodied in our flesh and we evolve towards becoming the true embodied manifestations of love and awareness.
As we recognize that Being does not only exist as a vast and impersonal reality but also as a very personal one than we feel complete, full, an individual. The conflict between individualism and individuality is solved and we become harmonious, contactful and involved.
Great part of the journey is about polishing the Pearl until it shines to its full potential.

Dimensions of Being and Mastering the Inner Judge

ADVANCED ESSENCE: The Dimensions of Love

As all other essential qualities of True Nature, Love is a multidimensional manifestation of the abundance of Being.
When we look into Love from personality most often we tend to define it as an emotion, a feeling, an accident, a fall, a dream, a need…or we lack words completely.
Most rarely we understand – and especially experience – Love as our True Nature, who we are and what reality is.

In this course we will take first of all this step: coming back home and realizing Love as a state of Being, not an attribute that comes and goes. We will also experience how Love manifests itself in many different forms and with many diverse qualities that express the richness of Essence: Unconditional Love (Pink Essence), Nourishing Love (White, Gold and Pearl), Merging Love (Red and Gold), Intimate Love (Black and Green), Passionate Love (Pomegranate) and more…

This will not only make Love an absolutely personal experience but will also support us in understanding how it changes, what specifically we might need moment to moment and how to support ourselves in expressing our needs and manifesting that particular aspect of Love.

Dimensions of Being and Mastering the Inner Judge.


How shall I describe the Mystery? How to describe the experience of the Ultimate Nature of Reality? The Absolute is Being, vastness and unlimited space, creative source of all that is, includes everything and, at the same time, is beyond all form and manifestation.
The Absolute is “Always and Already”: always here and already present. There is nothing we need to do to reach it neither we need to seek in time and space; the Absolute is here/now, ready to be experienced: we are immersed in it and we co-create it. When we do experience it every distinction disappears, every concept dissolves, the witness comes to know
himself and the whole world as pure presence which is the flow of universal consciousness.
In this course we focus on the obstacles that hinder our experience of the Absolute, the fears and the beliefs that support and re-create a description of reality made of objects, we face our prejudices and spiritual concepts so that we can have a direct experience of the Great Spirit, the Source.

Dimensions of Being and Mastering the Inner Judge


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