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Triangle represents fire, energy, life force, sharpness, clarity, the ability to act decisively.
Circle represents water, harmony, nourishment, inclusivity, fluidity, nonresistance, compassion.
Square represents earth, stability, steadiness, fecundity, grounding, manifestation and beauty.

Our vision and intention is to provide individuals and communities with efficient tools to foster personal and collective growth. We know that for any organism to grow and flower, strong deep roots, together with resilience and flexibility are needed. These essential requirements direct and shape the development and teaching of our work. We are interested in assisting you to create a solid inner foundation so that you will have the capacity to recognize and actualise your individual potential, in your own unique way.

To do that we offer courses, trainings, retreats and individual sessions which address two fundamental levels:

1. Structure and functioning of the personality (from the Greek word “persona” which means “mask”).
The personality is seen as the result of familial and societal conditioning: a survival structure based on acquired values and codes. By understanding the nature, origin and current functioning of the personality, our processess facilitate the dissolving of intra-personal and inter-personal conflict. Our processes address limitations intrinsic to the structure of the personality that are commonly experienced.

Some of the pivotal limitations of the personality include:

  • the conflict between freedom and responsibility;
  • the conflict between personal and social interest;
  • the conflict between material gain and spiritual realization;
  • the conflict between beauty and guilt.
  • the conflict between individualism and individuality

By understanding these conflicts, there is a possibility of personal evolution based on abundance, creativity and the integration of our past as individuals and as a species.

2. Our true nature and the nature of reality.
The retreats and workshops belonging to this part of the work endeavour to help you recognize and experience the true nature of Being, beyond the limiting boundaries of the personality structure, conditioning and beyond time and space. This is different to many traditional approaches that separate the development of spirit and soul from living in the physical world with family relationships, career interests and financial responsibilities.

On the contrary, we are convinced that significant spiritual experiences and understanding readily translate into action in daily life. Our work provides the framework for you to directly experience who you really are and recognise that you are the source of your own life force. These experiences necessarily have a ‘ripple’ effect, which is transforming and enriching in every aspect of your life.

By working with an individual’s desire to develop personal wholeness and meaning, our workshops also begin to transform relationships and dynamics in work places. This can have a profound effect on the capacity of corporate leaders to more clearly define and enact direction, values, mission and vision with greater certainty and integrity.

The fundamental methodology of our work can be condensed in the phrase “Know yourself by being yourself”.
All courses and trainings are strongly experiential: intellectual and emotional understanding and transformation of consciousness unfold through personal and collective experience and as a result of the teaching.

We use processes, techniques and tools that challenge and stimulate all aspects of your intelligence: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and creative. Our objective in this regard is to increase your ability to consciously respond to any situation in any moment.

Our main tool of exploration is self enquiry.
In group settings, we utilise dyads, triads, and individual processes. We also use a range of active and passive meditations, martial arts exercises and body awareness techniques to further enhance learning in the subconscious and to ground the body. The goal of all of these group work processes is integration, which we define as the capacity to grow while including and acknowledging past experiences, transcending previous concepts of self and pruning all that doesn’t serve our evolution anymore.

All this will lead to a much deeper understanding of your functioning, your talents and the uniqueness of your soul. This results in the ability to maintain a better work-life balance, the potential to be more comfortable in personal and work relationships and the ability to handle modern life or stress better.

All facilitators operate under their own legal, financial and professional responsability


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